Experience a Better Way to Compliance for Your Healthcare Startup

In the dynamic world of healthcare startups, compliance is a major hurdle. But there’s a brighter path ahead.

“To sell to more mature customers, proving security is a priority. It opened sales opportunities that wouldn’t have been available without a SOC2.”

Cofounder and CTPO

“Without proof from a compliance standard, proving trust to prospects required more time and effort to reassure them.”

VP of Engineering

Security Compliance Challenges

You’ve built a SaaS solution that promises innovation and disruption in the healthcare world. Your desire? To focus on scaling your startup, forging partnerships, and delivering unparalleled value to your customers. What stands in the way? Demonstrating your security compliance – and quickly.

Compliance Complexity

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Understanding and complying with these regulations can be daunting without a dedicated compliance team.

Sensitive Data

Healthcare data is among the most sensitive. A breach can have severe consequences, both in terms of financial penalties and damage to reputation.

Workforce Training

Ensuring that every employee understands the importance of security and is trained in best practices is a challenge. Human error is still the most  significant cause of data breaches.

Limited Resources

Startups often operate with limited resources. This can make it challenging to invest in robust security infrastructure and to hire experts in healthcare compliance.

Our Promise

Get There. Quick.

Automate up to 90% of the work for security and privacy frameworks. By automating a significant portion of the compliance process, you can complete your path to compliance in weeks, instead of months.  So your startup can redirect its focus to other critical areas of the business.

Streamlined Audit Process

Enable your auditor complete audits entirely within the platform. This efficiency can significantly reduce the time and resources spent on achieving certifications and adhering to regulations.

State-of-the-Art Security Awareness Platform


Comprehensive Human Risk management solution


Security Awareness and Training for your users


Modify behavior and empower your workforce upon first contact

Belio: Your Bridge to Compliance Success

Together, we will establish clear milestones, regular check-ins, and transparent communication to ensure your compliance journey is smooth and efficient.

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