Security Gap Assessment Services

As a startup, striking the right balance between growth and security can be challenging. That’s why our Security Gap Assessment service is designed to not only address immediate security concerns but also help you develop a solid strategy for both short and medium-term goals.

Why do you need this Service?

Are you playing a cybersecurity guessing game with your organization? Well, it’s time to level up your strategy with a helping hand from We’re thrilled to present our newest service: Security Gap Assessment.

A Security Gap Assessment is your map to understanding your organization’s existing security landscape. It’s like giving your startup’s security system a thorough check-up, spotting areas of potential improvement, flagging vulnerabilities, and ensuring whether existing measures can stand up to real threats.

Why Invest in Our Security Gap Assessment?



Gain clarity on the dangerous gaps that may be lurking in your cybersecurity armor with an expert assessment.


Need a roadmap to strengthen your defenses? The Assessment provides actionable recommendations to fortify your defense.


Keep your security program as strong as possible with regular gap assessments, staying updated and ahead of threats.


Remain proactive in detecting and addressing the newest, most cunning threats to your business before they have a chance to compromise your success.


Ensure your security policies remain effective and tailored to your startup’s needs in the ever-changing threat landscape


Showcase your organization’s firm commitment to cybersecurity to stakeholders with a comprehensive gap assessment.

Harness the strength of advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored specifically for your startup. At Belio, we blend leading-edge strategies with a personalized approach to secure your digital landscape, enabling your startup to thrive amid the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Let us be your knowledgeable friend navigating the cyber realm, always keeping your startup’s security needs at the heart of our mission.

Our Process & Deliverables


We lead an interactive session to understand your organization a conduct a deep dive into your existing security.



We provide a comprehensive report identifying gaps and providing recommendations.

Executive Review

We conduct a thorough review with your key stakeholders.

These steps culminate in a detailed security gap assessment report, a risk register, and a risk log, all tailored to your environment, industry trends, and compliance aspirations. We can also work with you for 90 days to enhance your security, prepare for compliance audits, and build a solid framework for future security roadmaps.

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By partnering with Belio for a Security Gap Assessment, you’ll receive the expertise and support to confidently navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. So get ahead and make cybersecurity not just a necessity, but a competitive advantage for your startup.

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