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We at Belio know how demanding the journey of a startup can be, especially when it comes to managing your business’s cybersecurity. But fear not! We have a solution fit to your pace and tailored just for you — our vCISO services.

vCISO, or a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, is an on-tap source of our top-notch cybersecurity expertise, catered to your unique requirements. Let’s dive deeper to see how the vCISO can drive your startup’s success in the cybersecurity landscape.

Why Choose a vCISO?

Your investment in a vCISO yields the same level of skill, awareness, and prowess that an in-house Chief Information Security Officer provides, but without the incurring expenses. That’s right, all the benefits sans the over-expenditure. Fast-track security, anyone?

A Sample of what we can do for you

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll take a deep dive into your systems, identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring that your startup is a fortress against threats.


Incident Response Planning

From warding off cyber attacks to responding to data breaches, we’ve got you covered.


Compliance Management

Look forward to sailing smoothly through industry regulations with our expert guidance.


Strategic Development

We’ll collaborate to develop a tailored security blueprint, business continuity, and disaster recovery that evolve with your needs.

Team Mentorship

Our vCISO also lends a hand in developing your own, robust in-house security team.

Continuous Collaboration

We service guarantees an unwavering alliance, providing timely expert advice, security updates, and innovative solutions.

Harness the strength of advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored specifically for your startup with our vCISO service. At Belio, we blend leading-edge strategies with a personalized approach to secure your digital landscape, enabling your startup to thrive amid the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Let us be your knowledgeable friend navigating the cyber realm, always keeping your startup’s security needs at the heart of our mission.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Book a call with one of our consultants


Step 2

Work together with them to uncover needs and discuss options


Step 3

Agree on the scope and start date for our services


“Paolo joined CerQlar due to a contractual assignment to help us with our journey to SOC2 certification. He quickly established himself as a subject matter expert and create a plan which allowed us to predictably execute all steps in this complex project. We all learned from him and learned together. At the core of this successful project was his ability to establish relationships and connections with the CerQlar team which I believe are the key to this project being successful. Thank you very much for all your contributions and for making security fun :)”

Timo Pentner

Managing Director, CerQlar

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Your startup deserves top-tier cybersecurity. With Belio’s tech-savvy and friendly guidance, you won’t get lost in jargon. We deliver top-notch security solutions in a language you understand. Together, let’s boldly innovate, making your digital world safer with every step.

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